‘Substitute’ Review – Minerva Daisy

Substitute is the latest single from Manchester based singer-songwriter Minerva Daisy. The track is beautifully deep, with sharp emotions about love and relationships. She shows that she is an incredibly talented songwriter and channels her lyrics from her heart. 

Indie music in recent years have become such a same old same old genre, and with most artists in the scene you can’t tell their style apart from any other artist. However with this track, Minerva Daisy completely crushes all of those indie stereotypes with her unique and powerful sound. 

I really enjoyed the use of the kind jazz like tone of the piano on this track, I think that is something which sets it apart from a lot of other indie artists. The experimentation with different genres and sounds paid off massively. It gave the track such a catchy melody and complemented her vocals so well. It gives me the impression of having influences from artists such as KT Tunstall and Kate Nash. 

Minerva Daisy is definitely one to watch in the Manchester music scene and I look forward to hearing what she does in the future. 

Substitute is available to stream tomorrow April 2nd. 

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